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En el libro convergen los conocimientos recogidos de las lecturas y estudios de dos proyectos de investigación (J023 de 2013 a 2017 y J033 de 2018 a 2022) que se llevaron a cabo en la Facultad de Lenguas, Universidad Nacional del Comahue así como de la práctica docente especializada por parte de los integrantes del equipo de investigación. Este…

Año: : 2022

documento de conferencia

New perspectives on vocabulary learning and teaching have shifted away from the conception of vocabulary as merely single words to adopt a more comprehensive approach that includes formulaic sequences. These expressions, defined by Wray (2002) as a string “continuous or discontinuous of words […] that is stored and retrieved whole from memory at…

Año: : 2019

parte de libro

Peeping into myths and legends for chunks.pdf
Fictional narrative texts such as short stories, novels, fables, legends and myths share certain grammatical, lexical and stylistic features that make them unique. For this reason, it is of prime importance that students of English as a foreign language deal with this specificity in the classroom especially by exploring how ideas are developed and…

Año: : 2019

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