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Espinosa - 2016 - On the uncertain nature of speech rhythm and its r.pdf
Abstract:This article is aimed at reviewing the different accounts for speech rhythm in the languages of the world. It addresses three main aspects in the literature on rhythm based on an impressionistic description, on a phonological explanation, and on the implementation of metrics to measure speech quantitatively. Some relevant studies on L1…

Año: : 2016

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Espinosa_The role of prominences in typologically different rhythms.pdf
Speech rhythm is understood as a byproduct of phonetic and phonological characteristics like syllabic structure, vowel reduction and the role of accent. In order to capture these properties, several rhythm metrics have been proposed in the literature so as to give an account of different aspects of rhythm. The aim of this study is to focus on the…

Año: : 2018


Espinosa 2028 el ritmo.pdf
Desde un abordaje fonológico, el ritmo de habla se considera como la suma de diversas propiedades fonético-fonológicas, como la estructura silábica, el rol del acento y la reducción vocálica. El español y el inglés representan dos tipologías rítmicas marcadamente diferenciadas. Para dar cuenta de las diferencias rítmicas de las lenguas se han…

Año: : 2018

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Espinosa (2019) English speech rhythm in instructed learners-its development as shown by VarcoV.pdf
Speech rhythm is viewed as the product of different phonetic and phonological properties. This work shows the rhythmic acquisition of instructed learners of English as an L2 whose mother tongue is Spanish. Two main variables are considered: levels of language proficiency at university and type of elicitation task. Taking into account that rhythm…

Año: : 2019

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